Assessment Services

Medicinal Mindfulness Assessments

Medicinal Mindfulness provides a free safety questionnaire to participants to help them self-assess their readiness to participate in Community Breathwork or Conscious Cannabis Sessions.  In addition, we are continually revising our Medicinal Mindfulness Psychedelic Safety Assessment (MMPSA) that looks into factors related to body, mind, spirit, society/family and previous drug use that are known to influence outcomes.  If you are interested receiving support around reviewing these factors, please contact us to receive the assessments and to schedule a structured interview.  The cannabis assessment is filled out and reviewed in an individual session. The MMPSA  requires additional time for clients to fill out and for practitioners to review.


Assessment Rates

  • $125 an hour or $175 for an hour and a half in depth structured cannabis or psychedelics safer use conversation
  • $275 Medicinal Mindfulness Psychedelic Safety Assessment (MMPSA).  Includes 2 hour structured interview and safe use conversation and two 15 minute follow up phone conversations.  Recommended to clients who are interested in an holistic/in depth review of all factors that may influence outcome of use. 

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Additional Mental Health Assessments


There are dozens of mental health assessments that are used by psychedelic research professionals to assess research subjects for possible contraindications before being provided a psychedelic as part of their research protocols.  We are currently working with a research professional to develop an assessment program similar to one that would be provided to psychedelic research participants.  If you are interested in this level of in depth mental health assessment, please contact us for more information.