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Medicinal Mindfulness has committed to going paperless with all of our waivers and forms in 2018.  To save time in the registration process please fill out the appropriate forms before attending our events. 


Community Event Participation Forms

CCE Participation Agreement

This form is lovingly referred to as our 6' waiver because when printed, it's well over 6' of paper single spaced and dense.  Please accept our sincerest apologies.  Current societal constraints require it.  It is signed once before attending your first Conscious Cannabis Event, then only once every calendar year.


Community Breathwork Participation Agreement -

This is a standard transformational breathwork full disclosure statement.  It is signed once before attending your first Community Breathwork, then only once every calendar year. 


Welcome Letter and Safety Self-Assessment

These documents are included for your review:


    Training Program and Disclosure Statement

    PSS Training Registration Agreement 2018 v1

    This document is required to apply for the Psychedelic Sitters School Training Program.  Since Community Breathwork and Conscious Cannabis Events are part of the training, these forms are also required. 


    Disclosure Statement - Daniel McQueen, MA

    This is the practitioner disclosure statement of Daniel McQueen. This is required for individual sessions and individual journey experiences.  Either or both the Community Breathwork and Conscious Cannabis Events agreement will be required, depending on the nature of the experience. 


    Membership Forms

    Medicinal Mindfulness is a skill development program.  The assessment of skill development is based on objective criteria, specifically experience participating and sitting for our program.  Our program is also a social experiment.  Our membership program allows us to keep track of participation and achievement of our members, as well as gives community members a simple way to support our work.  Visit the membership page for more information. 

    Basic Members & Community Membership Agreement 2018 v1

    This form is primarily used for members and community members to support our program with a small monthly payment, while providing access to invitations to members only events.  

    Advanced Membership Agreement 2018 v1

    This form is used for members who which to be active members and receive certain attendance and support benefits from their membership.