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About Us


Established 2012 in Boulder, Colorado, Medicinal Mindfulness pioneered and became the first Cannabis-Assisted Psychotherapy, Psychedelic Therapy & Conscious Cannabis organization in the United States, and has since become an established leader in the emerging field of Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy, and safe and legal Psychedelic Experiences.  

Medicinal Mindfulness is not just a psychedelic therapy clinic, we are an intentional psychedelic community that promotes safe and intentional psychedelic medicine use practices for personal and global healing and transformation.  

Medicinal Mindfulness integrates the four primary paradigms of psychedelic medicine use (the Creative, Scientific, Psychological & Spiritual) to elicit profound psychedelic healing and transformational experiences in a safe, legal and supportive environment. These experiences can be geared to individual sessions to support the transformation of trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction and other emotional struggles. These experiences can also be used to explore the extreme growth edges of our human potential. They can also be shared in small groups, private retreats, or at our ongoing community programs, our Conscious Cannabis Events and twice monthly Community Breathwork with live music.

Our program is a safe space.  We are trauma informed, clinically trained, psychedelic activists, psychotherapists and healer-explorers. Our approach is Transpersonally-aligned, somatic (body-centered) and mindfulness based. Medicinal Mindfulness has helped establish professional psychedelic therapists and grassroots psychedelic communities in multiple cities in the United States and Canada. Our trained practitioners are actively facilitating psychedelic experiences in legal settings throughout the country.

Learn how to join the cutting-edge field of Psychedelic Therapy by attending Psychedelic Sitters School, the Medicinal Mindfulness Psychedelic Training Program.  PSS offers foundational courses in psychedelic harm reduction, safe psychedelic sitting and crisis intervention, the use of cannabis as a psychedelic medicine, Psychedelic Guide Training, Psychedelic Group Facilitation, and others. Our local psychedelic apprenticeship program provides hands-on experience for becoming a professional Community Breathwork Facilitator, Psychedelic Cannabis Sitter & Guide, and Group Psychedelic Facilitator. The program is designed for new and advanced practitioners, and is in a retreat setting to support out of town participants.

In addition, we sponsor and organize educational events such as the Psychedelic Shine Speaker Series and Community Gatherings, and facilitate community outreach with other psychedelic communities, programs and organizations.     

The Extended-State DMT Program completed its first DMTx Psychonaut Training in September 2018, and is currently initiating Phase 2 of the research.


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The Medicinal Mindfulness Team



Daniel McQueen, MA

Executive Director, Psychedelic Therapist, Principal Organizer DMTx Program

+ About Daniel

Daniel McQueen (MA) is a professional psychedelic therapist and guide with a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. With his wife Alison McQueen (MA, LPC), Daniel is the co-director and manager of Medicinal Mindfulness, a local consciousness community and psychedelic education program in Boulder, Colorado.

Daniel facilitates individual and group psychedelic experiences using psychedelic cannabis blends and transformational breathwork techniques. He is the Principal Organizer of the Medicinal Mindfulness Extended-State DMT Program.


Marshall B.

Operations Director & Psychedelic Curator

+ About Marshall

Originally from Jamaica, NY, Marshall moved to Colorado in 2001 and today serves as the Operations Director for Medicinal Mindfulness Events LLC. He, along with Megan S., also oversees Vinyasa Productions LLC, a grassroots organization focused on delivering unique and revolutionary sound-healing experiences across various educational, healing, and medicine communities. Having played piano at Carnegie Hall for several years as a child, Marshall was raised in a fully-immersed world of classical music, the influences of which can still be felt today via the cosmically symphonic presentation of his sacred instruments practice.

Previously, Marshall worked for several large financial institutions in New York, Charlotte, and Denver. As an investment banker, he structured and placed more than $3 billion in institutional mezzanine financings, private debt & equity issues, and single-asset/portfolio-level commercial real estate investment sales. Marshall graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University at Buffalo, where he attained dual majors in Finance and Accounting.


Cindy P., M. Div

Lead Community Breathwork Facilitator

More info & bio coming soon.

+ About Cindy

Bio coming soon.


Joe D.

of Nibumbu, Lead Music Facilitator

+ About Joe

In 2001, Joe nearly perished in a car accident. The long recovery process nurtured a healer’s spirit within him, and as his wounds healed, his soul yearned for ways of channeling this ever-growing impulse. Eleven years later, in 2012, Joe was still searching for his life’s calling when some friends invited him to come along with them to a music festival.

One of the musical performances had such a potent effect on him that by the end of the night, the direction of his entire life would be changed forever: he would become a musician...or die trying. In 2013, his new calling would bring him all the way from Florida to the Rocky Mountains, where he found fertile ground for nurturing his musical inclinations. Shortly thereafter he connected with groups of like-minded individuals and out of that substrate of community and nature, he co-founded Nibumbu, and thus an ideal vehicle for harnessing his creative and healing impulses.

Joe’s ever growing list of Instruments: Acoustic drum kit, 3+ types of electronic drum systems, Didgeridoo, Loop pedals, Hang drums/Handpans, Jaw Harps/Danmoi, hand drums and various types of percussion instruments.


Alison M., MA LPC, ATR

Co-Director, Clinical Director, Psychotherapist, Art Therapist

+ About Alison

I practice as a licensed counselor, art therapist, and somatic (body-centered) trauma specialist with a private practice focused on mindfulness-based trauma and depth work, conscious parenting and women’s issues, psychedelic integration and cannabis use support for physical and psychological well-being. I have a Masters degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology (Art Therapy emphasis) from Naropa University, over three years of training in somatic trauma work with the Somatic Training Institute, as well as advanced training and experience as a MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapist in the Phase 2 MAPS sponsored study for the treatment of complex post-traumatic stress disorder. Bringing together over a decade of experience in the mental health field, clinical research experience in psychedelic therapies, and four years of international experience in therapeutic art education in the Czech Republic, I work skillfully and empathically with individuals and groups in cultivating lives of meaning and authenticity.

I believe that no one does this work alone, and I am inspired by a transparent and collaborative feminist approach to psychotherapy. Your stories, your wisdom, and your vulnerabilities are safe with me. I invite you to reach out so that I may support you on your journey.


Megan S.

More information & bio coming soon.

+ About Megan

Bio coming soon.


Carla C.

Principal Investigator DMTx Program & Clinical Advisor

+ About Carla

Dr. Carla Clements (PhD, LPC, BCPB) has been a professor at Naropa University in Boulder, CO in the Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Psychology Department for the last 15 years. She was the chair of the department for a decade, and continues to teach Assessment in Counseling, Group Dynamics, Helping Relationships, and Transpersonal Psychology. In May 2018, she retired to become the Principal Investigator of the DMTx program.

Carla has also maintained a private practice in psychotherapy, specializing in the treatment of PTSD in women, for the past 30 years. During the past three years, Carla was the Independent Rater for the MAPS-sponsored phase 2 study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treatment resistant, chronic PTSD. This experience renewed a lifelong interest in consciousness-expanding compounds which she continues to research today.


Justin F.

of Nibumbu, Lead Music Facilitator

+ About Justin

Justin is a musician and artist who picked up his first instrument at the age of 4. Justin was raised on the west coast in southern California and moved to Colorado at the age of 13 with his family. Over the years, family trauma, addiction and long hours working on the road as a contractor put his artistic output on hold. A traumatic injury on the job in his mid-twenties forced him to rethink his career path. Fortunately it created enough space in his life for art and music to reemerge and mark the start of his healing journey.

Now in his mid 30’s, he’s fully focused on his artistic passions including tattoo, music in many forms, visual art, and a combination of all of the skills he’s picked up along the way, allowing him to come into his true purpose. Always evolving and years of work with entheogens made stepping into sound healing a wonderful and natural match for Justin. Grateful to be a part of people’s healing process, he also uses his music and this opportunity to heal himself in the process.

Justin’s ever-growing list of Instruments: Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Didgeridoo, Keys/Synths, Production Software, Tank Drums/Drums, and Singing Bowls



Extended-State DMT & Conscious Cannabis Research


The Medicinal Mindfulness Extended-State DMT program (DMTx)  was initiated in February 2016 by Daniel McQueen, co-founder of Medicinal Mindfulness. DMTx is based on the cutting edge pharmacokinetic research of Dr. Andrew Gallimore and the revolutionary DMT research of Dr. Rick Strassman. Our DMTx program explores legal psychedelic research and exploration opportunities that are congruent with the needs and interests of the psychedelic community. 

Potential applications of Extended-State DMT experiences seem limitless: therapeutic healing, advanced creative problem-solving, consciousness exploration, and explorations in the nature of reality itself.   

It is because of the importance of this work that all of us at Medicinal Mindfulness wish to share what we are learning with the international psychedelic community and to bring our community into the creation and implementation process of this psychedelic inspired program.



Psychedelic Shine Speaker Series & Other Media

Since 2016, the Center of Medicinal Mindfulness has produced an ongoing psychedelic speaker series and community event called Psychedelic Shine.  Our largest event featured Dr. Dennis McKenna at the Boulder Theater in 2017. We’ve also hosted Dr. Rick Strassman, and Dr. Andrew Gallimore to discuss their work on DMT, among many local activist, researchers and practitioners.  We’ll do this again in the near future, but no events are currently planned.

You can view Previous Presentations at our Psychedelic Shine YouTube Page.


CyberDMT & TransCannabis | Medicinal Mindfulness

Psychedelic Soldiers Documentary | Medicinal Mindfulness

Alison McQueen, and her work with veterans during the MDMA for the treatment of PTSD, was prominently featured.