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Right Relationship with Substances, and Guan Yin: The Goddess of Compassion

By Contributor: Alison McQueen, MA, LPC

I’m not a “just say no” therapist.  Humans of every culture, across the globe, since the beginning of time, have used plants and other substances to alter their consciousness.  There’s nothing new about substance use; in fact, it’s a normal aspect of being human.  Clearly, a number of personal and cultural problems are normal as well, and substances and addiction can and do play into this.  So we must attend to our own individual relationship to substances, and determine on a personal level what it is to be in right relationship.  We must look through and beyond what our current culture, or family, says about it; we must dig deeper.  Our work is in tapping into a deep inner knowing, a felt sense experience of health, sanity, and self-compassion. 

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