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Now Recruiting Crew for Psychedelic Summer Expedition

Medicinal Mindfulness is now recruiting members for a special Psychedelic Summer Expedition.  This is an exploratory expedition.  We’ll be setting off into mostly unknown transpersonal territory to explore new possibilities of creating what we call “psychedelic society.”

We will be deep diving into the training program starting in May for a four month expedition.  New members are invited to participate as Journeyers, or to join us for a weekend Psychedelic Sitters School training program to participate as Sitter-Journeyers.  Long-term allies are invited to participate as Senior Sitters, Mentors and Guides.    

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Dear Molly

I recently went to a festival and saw someone having a really bad trip on psychedelics. To my surprise, that person was being helped by a team of harm reduction people. I thought it was really cool because that person was freaking out but I mean that person just couldn’t handle the drugs right? I have done psychedelics so many times and that has never happened to me. Could you tell me more about psychedelic harm reduction and why some people freak out on psychedelics?

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