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Cannabis Yoga & Sound Healing



Cannabis Yoga & Sound Healing


Cannabis, yoga, and sound healings are ancient medicines. Each has the power to release stress, heal trauma, and enhance awareness and insight. Together, they open portals into expanded consciousness within the cosmic setting of blacklights.

Intentional yogic movements will connect you deeper with your body, encouraging an experience of sensations.  

The sound healing is a full-bodied experience. A steel tongue drum, ancient Himalayan metal bowls, gemstone crystal bowls, and Paiste’s Sun and Saturn planet gongs will bathe you in vibrations, freeing your energetic burdens, refreshing your body, and awakening you to your own cosmic song.


Ganja Glowga 

Cannabis-Assisted Blacklight Intuitive Yoga



April 6, 2019 | August 3, 2019 | October 12, 2019 | November 9, 2019


8:00 – 9:30 p.m.


Provided to participants in welcome email – Near Boulder, CO


$25; BYOC

Designated driver required.

Cannabis yoga is an ancient practice. Deepen your connection with self through the sacred union of medicine and movement in this all-levels blacklight yoga class.  Together we will imbibe, inviting the spirit of cannabis sativa into the practice and to heighten our senses. Merge with your breath as stress and tension dissolve. Allow your body to move and encourage you to enter a deeper embodiment of awareness and presence.  This cosmic yoga experience will illuminate your internal light as your life force flows freely through you. Let your intuition guide you as you flow with grace through asana—strength, balance, and flexibility. This yoga experience is an all-levels, yin-inspired practice (no standing postures). It is an opportunity to explore the somatic qualities of cannabis and enter into a deeper relationship with your corporeal existence. 

Ganja Glowga

Ganja Glowga & Gongs

Cannabis-assisted blacklight yoga and sound healing



July 6, 2019 | December  7, 2019


8:00 – 11:00 p.m.


Provided to participants in welcome email – Near Boulder, CO


$49; BYOC

Designated driver required.

Fuse three ancient medicines together during this night of cosmic vibrations.  Under the extramundane setting of blacklights, ceremoniously imbibe cannabis and then move through a cosmic, all-levels, intuitive yoga flow. Draw attention deep into your physical experience to recognize where dissonance dwells within your body. Through slow, meditative movements, gently relax; let go of stress and open the flow of energy through you. These intuitive movements will assist your container of consciousness to become supple as you lay down in Savasana to begin the gong bath sound healing.  Similar to Ganja Glowga, this practice is an all-levels, intuitive, yin-inspired (no standing postures) experience. The yoga is designed to stretch out your body enabling you to enter the sound healing in an open space, allowing the vibrations to move through you.

From soothing tongue drum tones to ancient singing bowls, gemstone crystal bowls, the Sun and Saturn Paiste planet gongs, chakra and planetary tuning forks, and more, the vast array of sounds will provide a cosmic experience within your corporeal being.

Enter the journey with a guided meditation held by the drone of the tanpura, be lulled into a trance by a space drum, metal bowls, and gemstone crystal bowls, and experience the deep, sensational healing and visual voyage of the gongs. After this vibrational journey, rattles, drums, ocarina, and chanting will awaken the body, as you are encouraged to ground back into your physical self. The heartbeat is felt, the breath expands, and you are welcomed home.

Ganja, Glowga, and Gongs


Our Facilitators



Marshall B.

Having played piano at Carnegie Hall for several years as a child, Marshall was raised in a fully-immersed world of classical music, the influences of which can still be felt today via the cosmically symphonic presentation of his sacred instruments practice and during his sound healing offerings. He is a multi-instrumentalist and has apprenticed under several shamanic practices and weaves the architecture for the experience.


Megan S.

Megan began her sacred yogic journey over 15 years ago. Recognizing yoga as a truly revealing practice, the encouragement of introspection, and nurturing one’s “awareness of self” have been her guiding focuses, both as a teacher and student. Through the years, her exploration of sound healings has brought her to love tuning forks. She is certified in Sonopuncture and has developed a Chakra Tuning during which she uses forks tuned to each chakra while guiding the journeyer through meditation and affirmation. Weaving together yoga and cannabis, two healing medicines she believes in, to offer Ganja Glowga, is a yoking of two of her passions.