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Captain: Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy Group | $300.00

Medicinal Mindfulness is currently recruiting for an affordable and accessible, ongoing monthly four hour small group (4-6 people) experience that incorporates group trauma informed psychotherapy and art experientials, gentle Cannabis-Assisted Psychedelic Therapy, Community Breathwork, and ongoing support for the treatment of trauma/PTSD, depression and anxiety.  Sessions would also include psycho-spiritual education mindfulness based practices for ongoing personal healing and resilience development. $300/Per Journeyer per session. Designated Driver required. 

CAPTAIN is held Monthly on Saturday afternoons, facilitated by Daniel McQueen and Alison McQueen.  

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The six week program will consist of a preparation and integration session and four to six psychedelic experiences facilitated by breathwork and the intentional and skillful use of cannabis.  Many people describe the experiences as evocative as MDMA/psilocybin, and even ayahuasca and DMT.  The primary difference is that you remain completely in control of your process and experience.  

We will teach you skill sets that you can incorporate into your personal healing practice so that you can become fully empowered in your own healing process.  Your difficulties will no longer be your enemy, just challenges to engage, transform and overcome.  

Safety and individual empowerment are our primary concerns.  We recognize the power of individual healing work but it is not accessible and affordable to those who need it most.  Working in a group environment that is safe is part of the healing many of us require.  We invite you to consider the possibility that you can thrive in this environment.  

Cost: $1200 - Normally $1500 ($300 off on first healing expedition) 

This is a third of the price of individual session work with twice the support.  

Our goal is to teach you practices and create an opportunity for healing and exploration that will allow you to build the confidence to continue the path on your own.  The series will be repeated after a brief time off to create a container of ongoing healing and support.  Real healing and transformation takes time and integration.  We are here to support you in this healing process.  


Daniel McQueen, MA

Executive Director of Medicinal Mindfulness

Psychedelic Therapist


Alison K. McQueen, MA, LPC, ATR