Coaching & Supervision Sessions

Opportunities, difficulties, questions and general life situations on the medicine path can be quite complex, and sometimes require an holistic approach to adequately address a concern. It is important to work with someone who really gets it. Humans are complex, multidimensional creatures. We deserve to be treated as such.

Daniel McQueen, MA, Spirituality & Life Coach, Psychedelic Facilitator & Educator, provides consultations and coaching sessions for individuals, couples, families and groups. His primary specialties are listed below.

Alison McQueen, MA, LPC is  a licensed counselor, MDMA researcher, art therapist, and somatic trauma specialist. Her offerings include trauma and depth work, counseling for outsiders, cannabis use support for trauma, stress, and anxiety, art-based women's groups, and support for both men and women through the journey of conscious parenting.  View her website and contact information is here.

Sessions available by phone, video, in person home or office visits. Additional travel fees may apply.

Session Rates

  • 30 min Initial Call - $75
  • 1hr - $150
  • 1.5 hrs - $225
  • 2 hrs - $299
  • Package: Five 1 hr Sessions for $599
  • Package: Five 1.5 hr Sessions for $899


Daniel McQueen - Practitioner Profile

Spirituality & Life Coach

Psychedelic Facilitator & Educator


  • Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology - Naropa University, Boulder, CO
  • Bachelors in Communication - University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR


I am a somatically oriented and transpersonally trained psychedelic facilitator, spirituality and life coach, and educator.  I have a collaborative, affirming, approach to my work in supporting the transformational process.  I provide a container for experientials and conversations that help facilitate movement towards the intentions you create in your sessions with me, whether to help alleviate some difficulty, or to help you create what you want in life.  I specifically work with adults and young adults in major life transitions and explorations in personal callings.

I have over 17 years of transformational and healing arts experience, having studied multiple spiritual and psychological traditions, including advanced training in energy healing, transformational alchemy, and shamanic practices.  My primary specialties include Gestalt, Trauma/PTSD, Addictions, Sexuality, Dreamwork, Spiritual Emergencies, Transformational Alchemy, Healthy Systems, and Personal/Spiritual Development. 

Practitioner's Statement

My calling as a practitioner is to support my clients living into their highest and deepest expressions of their life's own calling. This work is complex and takes on many forms, from guided meditation sessions, individual coaching, classes and group exercises, and community support. 

I have been a healing practitioner for 17 years, and during this time, I have been a political activist, community organizer, corporate accountability activist, spiritual center director, small business owner, and most recently, a husband and father of two.  I believe my uncommon life path and it's challenges have given me an holistic perspective that helps my clients navigate important life transitions, big or difficult experiences, and encounters with the mystery and depth of life.

As the Executive Director of Medicinal Mindfulness, a psychedelic and cannabis facilitation and harm prevention program, I also specialize in working with users of psychoactive substances and the questions and concerns they may have.  I assess safety, help integration, and hold a strong, objective, open and affirming working space without judgment.

Who I tend to work with

My clients are generally in a transformational process or ready to begin one.  They are often healers, artist, therapists, engineers and computer programs and other intelligent, creative types.  My clients may have had difficult psychological experiences or life traumas, but they’re  resilient enough to do the deep transformational work my guidance elicits.  I do not work with people who have severe mental health diagnoses.  I often work with people going through a difficult life transition or situation, or are concerned about having or have been diagnosed with, ADD/ADHD, PTSD, concerns regarding substance use, Bi-Polar Disorder, or related issues.  I regularly refer my ongoing clients to other healing practitioners, such as herbalists, acupuncturists, and nutritionists, as well as altered states healing modalities such as breathwork, to deepen and quicken the transformational process.

Areas of Specialization

  • Transpersonal Theory & Gestalt
  • Giftedness
  • Personal Development, Life Transformation & Career Coaching
  • Alternative Lifestyles & Communities
  • Supervision for Transformational Facilitators




    Some scholarships are available for young adults, veterans and service professionals, retirees, those in financial need, and members of underserved populations. Scholarship does not stack with package.

    Email or call (303) 562-4128 to set up your initial phone consultation.