Community Outreach


As a grassroots organization, Medicinal Mindfulness specializes in the local and regional needs of the Front Range and Colorado community.  We work with and sponsor local events and groups in the Boulder and Denver area. 

We believe the local and grassroots paradigm is the next edge of the consciousness movement, and are committed to developing positive institutional relationships with government representatives and the public, while providing a safe and sacred community container for those interested in our services.






Consultations for Mental Health & Public Service Professionals

As mental health professionals and educators that specialize in an uncommon and sometimes controversial field, we would like to openly invite mental health, public service and safety professionals to email or give us a call with questions related to users of psychedelic medicines and cannabis.  Initial conversations/questions are free to determine if there is a need for further collaboration.


CU Psychedelic Club and Naropa Alliance for Psychedelic Studies Sponsor

We support the emerging generation of psychedelic and cannabis educators, activists, healers and artists by providing educational resources and support. 

We are an organizational ally to two very active local student groups, the CU Psychedelic Club and the Naropa Alliance for Psychedelic Studies. 

We are doing our best to create a space for emerging leaders in the movement and have created our Festivals Program as a model that is designed, organized and operated by younger professionals and student activists.