Community Breathwork

A Safe & Sacred breathwork practice using live music and guided meditation

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Join us as we celebrate our human potential of transformation, healing and awakening through our own breath.  We use live music and a transpersonally aligned breathwork practice to enter an inner world of the imagination and somatic experience, leading to deep transformation, physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and encounters with the numinous and divine.

Facilitated by Daniel McQueen, MA

Music Facilitators: Joe Donnellan and Justin Fogel of Nibumbu

Assistant Sitters and Facilitators from our Training Program

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Event Information


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The program starts promptly at 6:30 pm.  Recommended arrival time of 6:15 pm. Doors open at 6pm.

We will begin with a brief group conversation and instructions on the breathwork practice.  We'll then take a break before starting the session.  The breathwork experience will last about an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and half and we'll have plenty of integration time afterwards with juice and snacks.  The program is set to end around 9:30 pm "ceremony time" meaning it could go a little later sometimes.


What to bring

You'll want to bring comfortable clothes in layers, a yoga mat or cushioned mat if you have one, a blanket, pillow for your head, and possibly one for under your knees, and something to cover your eyes with.  Some participants also bring a water bottle and journal to take notes after their experience.

We also have enough eye coverings, blankets and mats for everyone but most regular practitioners bring their own gear for greater comfort.



Vali Soul Sanctuary
6717 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO 80301

East on Valmont Rd. between 61st and 75th St. Exactly 0.7 miles from the light at 61st St.  Studio is located on the the North side of the road.

The sign is sometimes easy to miss but it is right by the road next to the driveway.  There is a large heart made out of a string of holiday lights attached to a tree a little  down the driveway.  Parking is in the large field to the left.  The studio entrance is to the right of the drive and is around the the building through a few archways.


Upcoming Dates

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Twice monthly beginning in 2018 about every other  Thursday evening.


Community Breathwork Passes

Beginning in 2018, all community events are the same price (Community Breathwork Events and Conscious Cannabis Events).

Packages can be purchased at discounts. 

$49/session or $39/Scholarship
$125/3 circles  (15% off)
$199/5 circles  (20% off)

  • Packages are Semi-Transferable - Can be used individually, or used same evening for you and your friends
  • Space is limited - Pre-registration for each session required for guaranteed spot - can preregister for multiple events
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Notice for full refund or to retain credit
  • Scholarships only apply to base rate. It is the best deal available already.




Daniel McQueen & Community Breathwork Facilitators

Community Breathwork is facilitated by Daniel McQueen, MA,  Executive Director of Medicinal Mindfulness, with a team of assistant facilitators and sitters from our Psychedelic Sitters School program.  Daniel has a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and is a trained trauma resolution specialist.

About Community Breathwork Facilitation

The primary reason we put the word "Community" into Community Breathwork is to acknowledge our goal of creating community inspired transformational events that are facilitated by members of the community instead of an "expert" or "guide."

To do this, we are constantly expanding our facilitator pool of experienced facilitators, assistant facilitators, and sitters in training, to lead and support our Community Breathwork experiences. 

Our ongoing groups are both community gatherings as well as a lab for our facilitators to safely practice facilitation skills within a real world environment that is supported by advanced facilitator trainers. 

Our goal is to replicate this program in multiple locations, hosted by local core communities of consciousness activists, facilitating large scale awakening and transformation. 






Live Music Facilitation by Nibumbu


Nibumbu was formed in 2015 by Justin Fogel and Joe Donnellan to facilitate the live music journeys for Medicinal Mindfulness and our Community Breathwork events.  It was clear from the very beginning that Joe and Justin added something unique, beautiful and transformational to our Community Breathwork, but the evolution of their music over the last year and a half has taken us places we never could have imagined going when we got started. 

Initially starting with only a few hand drums and electric Bass guitar, Justin and Joe’s drive to provide the most powerful fully improvised sound experience possible has led them to incorporating an ever growing list of instruments, including didgeridoos, tongue/tank drums, electronic pedals and looping equipment, various electronic drums, ocean drums, djembes, keyboard, crystal and bronze singing bowls, rain sticks, rattles, cymbals, gongs and more, which they say allows them to best respond to the energy of the audience and the sacred space in which these journeys take place.

Transformational breathwork is one thing, but adding live, responsive and evocative music by highly skilled musician/facilitators is something else entirely.  Joe and Justin create a profound, deeply stirring inner landscape that is RESPONSIVE to the collective needs of the journeyers, which, when combined with the skillful presence of the guide and sitters team, can hold, support and transform absolutely any inner experience our participants are engaging.  Justin and Joe have mastered both styles of music required for this work, and the primary energetic transition between them. This important musical transition goes from evocative, rhythmic drumming and big sounds of the first section of the journey, the energetic breathwork practice, to the gentle, soothing, gracefully flowing second part of the journey, facilitating deep surrender into healing and awakening. This ability truly shows the skill and mastery of these musicians.  

Nibumbu, a name loosely inspired by the fictitious Isle of Naboombu, wherein a powerful wizard met his end at the hands of the wild animals of the island on whom he had cast a spell that granted them the power of human intellect. These days, they say Nibumbu refers to the destination one reaches towards the end of their sound journeys; a blissful and exotic place that exists in hidden realms deep within the psyche of the experiencer. 

About Justin Fogel

Justin is a multi-instrumentalist and tattoo/visual artist. Originally a bassist, Justin expanded his focus with other instruments after a severe accident on a ladder took much of the mobility in his wrist. Since then he's felt more whole as a musician. He ended up linking up with guitarist Kit Love Robertson in an alley in downtown Denver as street musicians when a local restaurant owner went nuts over their sound and invited them to gig at her joint. This birthed the band Anarchy Blues, which a few years later would pull Joe Donnellan as the drummer. Justin always felt there were uses for sound beyond what we see going on with songs and albums. So when the idea for live breathwork music came up, Justin knew he and Joe were the guys. The project quickly became his main focus comparing it to coming up with a new symphony every month. Since Justin learns instruments by ear, the shamanic, improvised approach became what felt right. Justin utilizes knowledge from all aspects of music including sometimes playing effects as if they were their own instruments, and his list of instruments keeps growing. At the same time he considers the journey of the participant and what effect each movement will have with them and has conceptual reasons for his approach. Truly touched each and every time he performs because of the audience reaction, he knows his music is being heard, felt, and appreciated.

About Joe Donnellan

Joe, a Miami, FL native moved to the mountains of Colorado in 2013 to pursue his dream of living a healthier, happier, and more creative life. Before long, the universe seemed to confirm he had made the right choice by following his gut and leaving everything behind in Florida to start anew. In Colorado he found his tribe, an ever-growing community of creative brothers and sisters that would uplift him and each other in their striving to realize their greatest potential as individuals and as a whole. He also found his calling in music and massage/bodywork practices, immersing himself in both sequentially since arriving in Colorado. Eventually he crossed paths with his soul-brother, Justin Fogel, whom he met when he joined the ranks of Anarchy Blues as their newest drummer. 

When Joe came across local breathwork groups - something he had long been curious about since thanks to the writings of Stan Grof, Medicinal Mindfulness' Community Breathwork stood out among the rest and soon he and Justin became constant participants at all the breathwork events during the first few months. The pair was profoundly moved at how deeply they could enter into an altered state without the use of any medicines, as well as the clarity and restorative after effects it had on their minds and bodies.

“Thus Was Born Nibumbu”

Not ones to settle for simply one creative outlet, the pair had long discussed branching out from the psychedelic blues/rock sounds of Anarchy Blues into a unique type of music they would eventually dub "Neo-Tribal" music. The idea was to fuse together their interest in shamanic drumming traditions with their shared but separate experiences from the underground Jungle/Rave scene of the late 90's and early 2000's.

When the sound system failed one day at a Medicinal Mindfulness Community Breathwork, the (non-musician) group of facilitators took to guiding participants with Shamanic drums and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The two wondered, 'what would happen if you let experienced musicians (who also happened to be seasoned psychonauts) create live sound for these journeys?' They approached their good friend and co-founder of Medicinal Mindfulness, Daniel, with the idea, and he granted them the chance they sought. The response from participants was immediately discernible, and soon Daniel invited them to musically guide all of the community Breathwork journeys.

Thus was born Nibumbu.