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Conscious Cannabis Events



Conscious Cannabis Events


Since the legalization of cannabis in 2014, Medicinal Mindfulness has been leading group psychedelic experiences that are safe, legal and deeply transformative.  Participants experience firsthand the true psychedelic nature of this humble plant ally. Most participants describe them as very similar to MDMA/Psilocybin or even like 2-3 hour Ayahuasca journeys.  Just because cannabis journeys are shorter than other psychedelics, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re less intense. The primary difference is a greater sense of agency and safety, with all of the benefits of other psychedelic medicine experiences.  

More information is listed below about our Cannabis Healing Meditations, Conscious Cannabis Circles, Cannabis-Assisted Fire Ceremonies and Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork Events.  Visit our Cannabis Yoga & Sound Healing page for additional event information about these events.  

Conscious Cannabis Events comply with all Colorado cannabis laws. These are private events and require a brief registration process as part of the ticket purchase.

Cannabis-assisted Breathwork

Cananbis Healing Ceremonies


+ Cannabis Healing Meditations

Time | 4 hour workshop, 12-4pm - Sunday Afternoons
Location | Provided to Participants in welcome email - Near Boulder, Colorado
Price - $49/$39 Scholarship (Students & Veterans) - BYOC - Event Passes Available
Reserve your space!
Sunday, June 16 | Sunday, December 15

The Cannabis Healing Meditation is a guided healing meditation practice that incorporates the skillful use of cannabis sativa. The program includes guided healing meditations with gentle, relaxing music and is intended as an introductory experience for those new to psychedelics and intentional cannabis use, or those using cannabis to find relief from physical or psychological conditions.

Learn experientially how to use cannabis-assisted, body focused, mindfulness practices to alleviate pain, heal your body and mind, and to move beyond coping and towards profound healing. Using cannabis skillfully in this way directly addresses the energetic and emotional systems that affect health, can amplify the healing experience and shorten the duration of the healing process.

Participants share a group preparation and integration process before imbibing with intention. The healing meditation lasts about an hour and a half to two hours and includes guided meditations and gentle music. After the journey, participants will circle to share, learn integration techniques and ways to further their practice while having a healthy snacks and juice.

+ Conscious Cannabis Circles with Live Music

Time | 5 hour workshop, 6-11pm - Saturday Evenings
Location | Provided to Participants in welcome email - Near Boulder, Colorado
Price - $99/79 Scholarship (Students & Veterans) - BYOC - Event Passes Available
Our flagship program, Conscious Cannabis Circles, combine ancient ceremonial, alchemical and mindfulness techniques with modern transpersonal theory and evocative music sets to create a doorway to experiencing deeply transformational psychedelic journeys using cannabis sativa. When used skillfully, and with the right set and setting, cannabis has the ability to mimic other psychedelics. Conscious Cannabis Circles are designed to elicit such experiences. Again, the primary difference being a greater sense of agency and safety.

The evening begins with community building experientials, an introduction to the experience, and a brief tutorial on mindful journeywork practices. When the circle begins, participants imbibe their own cannabis with intention and are then gently guided through a imaginal relaxation meditation before allowing the live music sets performed by Nibumbu to evoke an experience of profound depth and personal meaning. Journeys are two and a half to three hours in length with a break in the middle. The experience is followed by community sharing, personal reflecting, process art, snacks, and other intentional integration processes.

Join a community of new and experienced journeyers as we embark on an inner/transpersonal odyssey of incredible adventure. We honor all aspects of inner exploration, creating an experience that allows for individual intentions such as spiritual connection and awakening, deep soul and psychological healing, creativity and play, and creative problem solving, skill mastery and general curiosity.

+ Cannabis-Assisted Fire Ceremony

These events are perfect for wilderness and campfire settings. Participants imbibe cannabis in ceremony while sitting around an intentionally built fire. The facilitator guides participants through intentional conversations, mindfulness practices, and periods of inner awareness and silence. The fire acts as a meditation focus and opens our psyches to healing and greater understanding.

+ Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork Experiences

Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork is by far the most profound psychedelic experiences we offer. It combines a modified Community Breathwork practice with a Conscious Cannabis Experience and a different recommended blend of cannabis.

Time | 5 hour workshop, 6-11pm - Saturday Evenings
Location | Provided to Participants in welcome email - Near Boulder, Colorado
Price - $99/79 Scholarship (Students & Veterans) - BYOC - Event Passes Available
Reserve your space!
Saturday, April 27 | Saturday, July 27 | Saturday, November 2


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Participant Information

Welcome!  We are excited to share this beautiful experience with you and your friends.  Please read all the information below before attending your first experience, including the required forms.  We are here to support you in this transformational process and welcome all questions. Conscious Cannabis Events are safe, sacred and legal psychedelic experiences that use cannabis in an intentional setting to elicit amazing results. We want you to feel as comfortable, prepared, and ready for your experience as possible.  

The location is provided to participants, and is a beautiful private yoga studio near Boulder, Colorado.  You should receive an email with the event location after your ticket or session purchase.  Please contact us if you don’t receive this email.  

A Designated Driver is required to imbibe cannabis.  To ensure the safety of all participants, a designated driver for your ride home is required to attend the event and imbibe cannabis.  Cannabis consumption is optional. No other substances are allowed at the event.

Taxi Services:, and

+ CCE Participation Agreement Form & Safety Self-Assessment — REQUIRED. . .

A Conscious Cannabis Experience can be just as evocative as other psychedelic substances. These experiences are very safe when the right preconditions are present, so it is important to be honest with yourself about your readiness. A private, or small group session may sometimes be more appropriate than our community events. Contraindications (reasons not to attend) include, but are not limited to pregnancy and serious physical health problems such as cardiovascular problems, severe hypertension, recent surgery or fractures, acute infectious illness, or epilepsy, or severe mental illness such as severe/acute anxiety or other mood disorders, psychosis, bipolar disorders, personality disorders, acute/unprocessed trauma and PTSD, acute addictions, suicidal ideation/self harm and tendencies for disruptive behavior.

Use our Psychedelic Cannabis Safety Self-Assessment to make an informed decision. An optional 30 minute safety evaluation can be scheduled for $90. We are happy to answer simple questions through email correspondence as well Psychedelic-Cannabis Safety Self-Assessment [Link to Safety Page -]

Conscious Cannabis Experiences are very safe but are not for everyone. The CCE Participation Agreement is our Full Disclosure Form and must be signed in order to participate. You are required to complete it for your first event and then will only once a year after that. An electronic version of this form is available at the event, but prior completion is recommended. Click Here to Complete the CCE Participation Agreement Form

+ What to Bring. . .

For Comfort:

  • Pillows, yoga mat, eye covering, bolster and blankets. We have some but having your own is strongly recommended.
  • Clean, unclogged pipe/vape and lighter (we also have plenty of extra pipes)
  • Water bottle with top.
  • Journal/art supplies.
  • Drivers license or ID (to verify 21+)
  • Optional: a small symbolic offering (such as a small stone, etc. that you’re okay letting go of but has some meaning to you). These are used to create a Community Mandala art pieces.
  • Cannabis: 0.5-1.0 grams of high quality cannabis flower. More info below. Sometimes the sponsor of private events provides the cannabis.

+ Cannabis Strain Recommendations. . .

We now have specific recommendations from local Boulder recreational and medical dispensaries. Sometimes sponsors of private events provide the medicine. If you wish to bring your own, here are some general recommendation:

  • Your favorite strain. You can’t go wrong with choosing your favorite strain for these experiences. It is your favorite for a reason and we trust that.
  • Combine 1/2 favorite sativa with 1/2 favorite indica.
  • Combine 1/3 favorite sativa, indica and hybrid.
    Share with friends at the event. Bring your favorite and trade for another’s favorite. Community blends are great.

We recommend taking what we call a “Cannabis Fast” before attending a Conscious Cannabis Event. Just a day or two, especially the day of, can make a difference. Some choose to take a fast for a week or more. It is your choice. There are also appropriate reasons to use cannabis on a daily basis, for example pain management. If cannabis is being used to treat a medical condition, it is not necessary to take a cannabis fast before attending a session or event.

+ Non-Smoking Cannabis Alternatives. . .

Some participants prefer to bring a non-smoking or non-vaping alternative to their experience, such as an edible, tincture or oil, or have asked about using smokable concentrates. Due to factors related to concentrates and edibles, pre-approval is required. You must have already experienced and be comfortable with the edible and dosage you wish to consume before doing so at an event. Email

+ Cannabis and the Law. . .

Conscious Cannabis Events are private, invitation only events. According to the Colorado NORML publication, The Responsible Consumer’s Guide to Marijuana in Colorado, “Private vs. Public: The Colorado constitution, protects private marijuana use, so you can consume openly at a residence or outdoors on a porch or balcony as long as the property owner allows it. Marijuana cannot be consumed openly and publicly, such as on streets and sidewalks, or in public parks. Localities may have their own regulations on where you can consume, so you should check local laws first.”

Please visit our FAQs for additional information about our program.