Mindfulness Based Psychedelic Harm Prevention and Responsible Use Education

Psychedelics & cannabis are powerful medicines used in recreational, spiritual, psychological and creative exploration to promote dramatic changes in consciousness.  As much as practitioners report powerful healing experiences using these medicines, like any powerful tool, they can also be misused and misunderstood, sometimes leading to serious legal, psychological, spiritual and physical health consequences.  Even growth oriented and healthy practitioners sometimes need support in integrating and understanding the powerful insights and experiences that are evoked by these medicines.  

As trends in use continue to rise, we believe mental health professionals are ethically required to provide objective, research-based education and support to this community.  Medicinal Mindfulness is designed to educate and counsel this growing community in the Boulder/Denver areas on safe and responsible use practices.  We work within a “Harm Reduction” paradigm and believe a non-judgmental approach to education that provides a set of practical strategies aimed at managing risks associated with medicine use is the greatest tool we have as counseling professionals.  

We take this Harm Reduction strategy a step further, exploring the possibility of “Harm Prevention,” believing that much of the harm that comes from using these medicines can be avoided with the right education and support.  Combining research-based interventions with mindfulness practices, transpersonal psychology and traditional spiritual disciplines, our program works with individuals and communities to develop honest conversations around informed decisions.