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Nibumbu - Live Music Facilitation for Intentional Events



Nibumbu - Live Music Facilitation for Intentional Events


Nibumbu is comprised of a new breed of intuitive sound healers. Their influences include, shamanic traditions, mindful use of entheogens, esoteric philosophies, the underground rave scene, music ranging from classical compositions to modern day rock legends and everything in between. Their mostly improvised music blends these influences with the energies of the participants and event space to co-create sonic journeys towards wellness.

We want to play music at your next event! Contact us for booking inquiries. Some examples of events we play:

  • Private ceremonies

  • Breathwork

  • Ecstatic Dance

  • Festivals

  • Planetarium/Dome performances

  • Fundraisers

  • Sound Healing

Past Special Events:

  • 2018 Steamboat Movement Festival

  • 2017 Boulder Theater - Psychedelic Shine at Boulder Theater with Dr. Dennis McKenna

  • 2018 Fiske Planetarium - 3D audio/visual and live music Breathwork

  • 2016 Morrison Mansion - Android Jones workshop and fundraiser

  • 2018 Gem and Jam Festival (Tucson Arizona)

  • 2018 Sonic Bloom Festival (Spanish Peaks, CO)

  • 2018 Universal Flow Festival (Apple Valley, CA)

  • Vali Soul - DMTx Fundraiser

  • 2016 Psychedelic Shine with Dr. Rick Strassman

  • 2017 Psychedelic Shine with Dr. Andrew Gallimore

  • 2017 Your Mom’s House

  • 2017 Dickens Opera House





Justin F.

Justin is a musician and artist who picked up his first instrument at the age of 4. Justin was raised on the west coast in southern California and moved to Colorado at the age of 13 with his family. Over the years, family trauma, addiction and long hours working on the road as a contractor put his artistic output on hold. A traumatic injury on the job in his mid-twenties forced him to rethink his career path. Fortunately it created enough space in his life for art and music to reemerge and mark the start of his healing journey.

Now in his mid 30’s, he’s fully focused on his artistic passions including tattoo, music in many forms, visual art, and a combination of all of the skills he’s picked up along the way, allowing him to come into his true purpose. Always evolving and years of work with entheogens made stepping into sound healing a wonderful and natural match for Justin. Grateful to be a part of people’s healing process, he also uses his music and this opportunity to heal himself in the process.

Justin’s ever-growing list of Instruments: Bass, Guitars, Vocals, Didgeridoo, Keys/Synths, Production Software, Tank Drums/Drums, and Singing Bowls


Joe D.

In 2001, Joe nearly perished in a car accident.  The long recovery process nurtured a healer’s spirit within him, and as his wounds healed, his soul yearned for ways of channeling this ever-growing impulse. Eleven years later, in 2012, Joe was still searching for his life’s calling when some friends invited him to come along with them to a music festival.  

One of the musical performances had such a potent effect on him that by the end of the night, the direction of his entire life would be changed forever: he would become a musician...or die trying. In 2013, his new calling would bring him all the way from Florida to the Rocky Mountains, where he found fertile ground for nurturing his musical inclinations. Shortly thereafter he connected with groups of like-minded individuals and out of that substrate of community and nature, he co-founded Nibumbu, and thus an ideal vehicle for harnessing his creative and healing impulses.

Joe’s ever growing list of Instruments: Acoustic drum kit, 3+ types of electronic drum systems, Didgeridoo, Loop pedals, Hang drums/Handpans, Jaw Harps/Danmoi, hand drums and various types of percussion instruments.   


Interested in our Music Facilitation Services? Contact Nibumbu using this simple form.