Conscious Cannabis Events

Conscious Cannabis Events

Conscious Cannabis Events are guided meditations that incorporate the intentional use of cannabis sativa with holistic mindful journeywork techniques to facilitate transformational healing and awakening experiences.  Conscious Cannabis Events comply with all Colorado cannabis laws. These are private events and require a brief registration process to be invited. 

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Dates & Times

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Community Conscious Cannabis Circles in 2018 will be held 4 times on Saturday evenings.  Check Calendar for exact times.

1/27/18 - 4/28/18 (Live Music) - 7/28/17 - 10/20/18 (Live Music 5th Annual Halloween Celebration)

Community Cannabis Healing Mediations in 2018 will be held 3 times on Sunday afternoons.  Check Calendar for exact times.

3/25/18 - 6/17/18 - 9/16/18

Celebration Circles are twice yearly, with extended meditation journey sets, around April 20th and October 31st, Cannabis Legalization Celebration and Halloween Celebration. 


Conscious Cannabis Circle

Combining ancient ceremonial, alchemical and mindfulness techniques with modern transpersonal theory and evocative music sets creates a doorway to experiencing deeply transformational journeys using cannabis sativa.  This is an intentional group journey followed by an opportunity to integrate and connect.  

The evening begins with community building experientials, an introduction to the experience, and a brief tutorial on mindful journeywork practices.  When the circle begins, participants imbibe their own cannabis with intention and are then gently guided through a imaginal relaxation meditation before allowing the music sets to evoke an experience of profound depth and personal meaning. 

Journeys are followed by community sharing, personal reflecting, process art, snacks, and other intentional integration processes.

Join a community of new and experienced journeyers as we embark on an inner/transpersonal odyssey of incredible adventure.  We honor all aspects of inner exploration, creating an experience that allows for individual intentions such as spiritual connection and awakening, deep soul and psychological healing, creativity and play, and creative problem solving, skill mastery and general curiosity.  

Medicinal Mindfulness has been facilitating Conscious Cannabis Circles, Psychedelic group experiences using cannabis sativa, for over three years.  A large majority of our participants regularly report that their experience was as intense or even more intense than any psychedelic experience they've ever had.  When used skillfully, and with the right set and setting, cannabis has the ability to mimic psychedelics.  The most common psychedelic it is described like is DMT and ayahuasca, but it has also been described as being like psilocybin, LSD and even MDMA. 

As hard as it might be to believe, we are not exaggerating when we make these claims. 

Advanced medicine practitioners, as well as regular cannabis users report this level of experience.  Conscious Cannabis Circles can be deeply healing, incredibly evocative, and a lot of fun. 


Cannabis Healing Meditation

Join Medicinal Mindfulness Transformational Cannabis Facilitator, Daniel McQueen, in this guided healing meditation practice that incorporates the skillful use of cannabis sativa.  The program includes guided healing meditations with gentle, relaxing music and is intended as an introductory experience for those new to intentional cannabis use or those using cannabis to find relief from physical or psychological conditions. 

This program is for medical marijuana patients and anyone struggling with physical ailments, chronic pain, tension, anxiety and trauma. Learn experientially how to use cannabis-assisted mindfulness practices to alleviate pain, heal your body and mind, and to move beyond coping and towards profound healing.
Physical & emotional traumas, disease, and chronic illnesses not only have biological components that affect our health and well-being, but also psychological factors, such as chronic stress and trauma.  The western medical orientation has minimized these factors for a very long time.  However, directly addressing the energetic and emotional systems that affect health and healing can amplify and shorten the duration of the healing process.

During the Cannabis Healing Meditation, participants will learn somatically-oriented mindfulness-based practices that help alleviate the physical, emotional, and energetic tensions held within the body.  These practices, working synergistically with the intentional and skillful use of cannabis sativa, provide participants with an opportunity to find real and long lasting relief from difficulties in the mind and body that affect health & well-being. 

After guiding participants through an intentional cannabis smoking process, the facilitator then guides the group through a relaxation meditation starting with a traditional body scan. Facilitating deep awareness to discover where injuries and misalignments are held within the body allows them to be healed and released.  Following a set of gentle yet evocative music, the facilitator guides participants through a second healing meditation practice.  This is followed by a second set of meditation music before participants are gently guided back in a returning meditation. The healing meditation lasts about an hour and a half.  After the journey, participants will circle to share, learn integration techniques and ways to further their practice while having a healthy snacks and juice. 

If you’re struggling with a condition that has been helped by cannabis to alleviate symptoms, or are curious about cannabis-assisted mindfulness practices but not sure where to start, this experience is for you. 

Remember - we don’t just have to cope and survive.  We can truly live, heal and thrive. 


Facilitator Team

Facilitated by Daniel McQueen, MA, Transformational Cannabis Facilitator and Executive Director of Medicinal Mindfulness, with professional meditation assistants.  Daniel has a Masters in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University and is a trained trauma resolution specialist.  Some meditations may also be accompanied by live music.


Registration & Location

View Registration Instructions Here

Location is a beautiful private yoga studio near Boulder, CO and is provided to approved participants. 


What to Bring

This is a bring your own cannabis event.  We will recommend strains and strain blends to participants.  Also bring a water bottle, eye covering, pillow for comfort and blanket.  We also have yoga mats, blankets, eye coverings and some pillows.  Some participants like to journal after the meditation to record experience.  

Designated Driver Required

To ensure the safety of all participants, a designated driver for your ride home is required to attend this event.  The taxi services,, and are all useful.  For possible carpooling options, please contact us at  


Price of Conscious Cannabis Events

Conscious Cannabis Events include Cannabis Healing Meditations & Conscious Cannabis Circles.

$49/session or $39/Scholarship
$125/3 “circle” pack (15% off)
$199/5 “circle” pack (20% off)

  • Packages are Semi-Transferable - Can be used individually, or used same evening for you and your friends
  • Packages can be used for Community Breathwork, Conscious Cannabis Circles and Cannabis Healing Meditations
  • Some 20% discount scholarships are available to students, veterans, retirees and those with financial need. Scholarships only apply to base rate. It is the best deal available already.
  • Space is limited - Pre-registration for each session required for guaranteed spot - can preregister for multiple events
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Notice for full refund or to retain package credit


To increase sitter support and pay musicians a living wage, the following events are $99/$79 or equal to two circles in a pack

Conscious Cannabis Circle with Live Music

(Annual Halloween Celebration and April Cannabis Legalization Celebration)

Cannabis Breathwork Circle with Live Music

Members only for safety assessment purposes



Medicinal Mindfulness Events LLC is a professional mindfulness training and education program, and a meditation and breathwork event company that offers harm reduction services and facilitates private meditation experiences in conjunction with such services. Because some of our clients are cannabis users and/or psychedelic medicine users, we use language on our website and marketing material that is nonjudgemental and accepting of personal medicine use decisions. The purpose of Medicinal Mindfulness is to provide our services within the legal constraints of our society so that we can (1) best reach those who need the services we provide, and (2) to inspire others by living into what is now possible to do in compliance with the law. Medicinal Mindfulness fully complies with all local and Colorado State cannabis laws, and all relevant federal regulations. We are a harm reduction service and education company. We do not encourage any illegal activities or the use or abuse of cannabis or any other medicine. Nor do we believe that cannabis or psychedelic medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone. We are conditional advocates for intentional, sacred and non-habitual cannabis use for those individuals who already use cannabis on their own. Medicinal Mindfulness does not provide or sell cannabis for any aspect of our program, and it is not a retailer, supplier, reseller, distributor, agent, representative or subcontractor of any cannabis supplier or retailer. Any decision by you or another Medicinal Mindfulness event participant to purchase or accept such products from a vendor or individual outside of our program is a decision made at your sole discretion. Medicinal Mindfulness does not and does not intend to provide supplier, retailer, or distributor services or act in any manner as a cannabis vendor or retailer. Medicinal Mindfulness disclaims all responsibility or liability for any sale of cannabis voluntarily provided to you by such vendors. Please direct any inquiries about our services to