Mission & Core Values


Mission Statement of Medicinal Mindfulness

The mission of Medicinal Mindfulness is to make transformational cannabis and psychedelic medicine experiences as safe, accessible and affordable as possible for the purpose of not only transforming personal and collective traumas, but also generating opportunities to explore humanity’s greatest potentials. 

Core Values of Medicinal Mindfulness 

Our work is guided and informed by our beliefs and commitment to:

1. Respecting and Honoring Psychedelic Medicines

  • We respect, honor, and listen to the teachings of psychedelic medicines. We are in open-minded dialogue with both advocates of intentional use as well as advocates for abstinence.
  • We are stewards of responsible and safe use of psychedelic medicines so we can be in ‘right relationship’ with them.
  • We reclaim and honor the gifts of psychedelic medicines so we can heal the shame of oppression.
  • We are in service to individuals and communities who use psychedelic medicines with skillful intention.


2. Radical Curiosity & Play

  • We are explorers of consciousness and possibility. We never stop asking questions. 
  • We support authentic, passionate, wild, and creative self-expression.
  • We engage our creativity, imagination, and innate playfulness.
  • We believe radical curiosity opens doors, moves us forward, facilitates growth, and explores beyond the edges of what we believe is possible.

3. Frontier Pushing 

  • We are consciousness activists, challenging outdated assumptions, both internal and external, and offering grounded solutions for the benefit of our society, our families, and ourselves.
  • We act with courage, integrity and persistence in accordance with our beliefs despite criticism, misunderstanding or fear.
  • We challenge. We rebel. We break chains. We sail past the edges of the known universe.
  • We embody and live today what others envision for tomorrow.


4. Authentic Presence

  • We value and are committed to learning, growing, and deeply knowing ourselves and others. We are committed to deep, authentic, genuine connection and acceptance of ourselves and others.
  • We are committed to transparency, honesty and speaking our truth. There is no hiding. We acknowledge and engage shadow for healing and transformation


5. Magic and Mystery

  • We acknowledge and engage the nonphysical, energetic, imaginal and multidimensional aspects of reality.
  • We work in the transpersonal, liminal spaces, and with synchronicity, magic and mystery.
  • We act in service of something greater.


6. Community as Container

  • We value healthy relationships and community as necessary requirements for long term sustainability.
  • We strive to make our work accessible to all people. We are inclusive, welcoming, accepting and affirming.
  • We resource through community, respect differences, and acknowledge our deep interdependence and interconnection.
  • We strive to create and share a safe and transformational space so that we may each do our own inner work, healing and creative problem solving.


7. As Above, So Below

  • We acknowledge the inherently conscious and reflective nature of reality.
  • We believe we are each a reflection of this reality and therefore have an inherent right and ability to thrive in a healthy life, environment and economy.
  • Above all, we are healers. We work to heal ourselves and others as a reflection of the healing that we believe is possible on a global scale.