Psychedelic Sitter Certification

Medicinal Mindfulness Certification: Certified Psychedelic Sitter (CPS)

As a psychedelic harm reduction program, we believe it is necessary to provide a guideline on safe sitter practices, and to certify practitioners who wish to hold space for others in transformational experiences.  While we can’t guarantee an outcome of an experience that is inherently dangerous, we can certify that someone who says they are a psychedelic sitter has certain minimum qualifications, including good mental health and an understanding of appropriate boundaries in healing spaces.  

The Certification will be similar to our Certificate of Completion and can be used a a credential for many purposes.  However, additional requirements are listed below.  In addition, all Certified Psychedelic Sitters will be required to share an informed consent form (currently being drafted) listing appropriate guidelines and boundaries for a transformational session.  Medicinal Mindfulness is currently developing a Safe Community Policy that a CPS will be required to comply with, which includes oversight by a committee of psychedelic elders who are independent of Medicinal Mindfulness.

Certified Psychedelic Sitters are expected to be emotionally mature, ethical and responsible, as well as engaged in their own ongoing transformational healing practice.  

This certification is in response to a growing need in our community for a way to assess ethical sitters and guides from unsafe and unskillful facilitators.  

Application Cost: $250 - Valid for 2 years  
Recertification costs: TBD

The following criteria must be met before being certified:

Medicinal Mindfulness Training Requirements

  • Psychedelic Sitters School Level 1
  • Minimum 6 month Membership of Medicinal Mindfulness to complete the following:
  • Personal Safety Evaluation and two 30 minute conversations with a MM supervisor during a 6 month period.  
  • Agreement to comply with Sitter’s Code of Ethics (currently being drafted)
  • Agreement to comply to Medicinal Mindfulness Safe Community Policy (currently being drafted)
  • Participation in 6 online group supervision sessions (held monthly for MM members)
  • Sit for 6 Community Breathwork or Conscious Cannabis Events or individual sessions with another MM member if possible.  


Additional Training and Credentialing Requirements

  • CPR/First Aid
  • Mental Health First Aid (Required for non-therapist, recommended for therapist)


Additional Recommendations

  • Navigating Psychedelics Online Training by Psychedelics Today
  • Zendo Project Training and Festival Harm Reduction Experience