Intention Setting & Integration Support

The Medicinal Mindfulness Intention Setting & Integration Support Program provides psycho-spiritual and community support around the intentional use of cannabis and psychedelic medicines.  As the name implies, we provide safety education and intention setting coaching and support before an intentional psychedelic experience and safety assessment, psychospiritual integration support after a psychedelic experience.

We have found providing this container around psychedelic experiences greatly reduces the likelihood of any harm coming from psychedelic medicine use while simultaneously increasing the likelihood of maximizing any of the well documented benefits of using these medicines.  We have developed this program from a Harm Reduction paradigm that acknowledges education as an important component of helping people stay safe while reducing potential costs to society sometimes caused by drug use.  

As psychedelic medicine use continues to rise in our culture, we believe we have an ethical obligation of providing such a container.  We honor sacred religious traditions that use these medicines, such as the Native American Church communities and Aya circles, sometimes 'Westerners' require additional support than traditional communities provide.  Individuals who use these medicines on their own are also doing so in isolation and without much support from communities, friends or mentors.  The art, music and consciousness festivals often do not provide such support as well.  We are filling this gap by providing opportunities for those we serve to come out of the shadows and get the community support that so many of us have longed for. 

If you are a medicine practitioner that needs a place to tell your stories or get objective information regarding safety and non-judgmental reflections and insights about your experience, or if you’ve had a bad trip and you just need someone to process with, we are here to help.  We are clinically trained to hold a non-judgmental container of transpersonally aligned, humanistic support, and to assess physical, psychological and spiritual difficulties that sometimes arise with intense psychedelic experiences.