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Private 2 Day Psychedelic Therapy Retreat Inquiry | $1800 - $2400

Private two day retreats are recommended for psychedelic journeyers traveling from out of town to get the most out of their time in Boulder.  They are ideal for “Deep Dive” individual sessions or small groups of up to 5 participants. These experience can include an optional visit to a local organic cannabis dispensary.  Can include additional hour long preparation and integration sessions at a discounted rate. Optional Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork Experiences can be included in the journey. Designated Driver required.

  • $1,800 - Two day private retreat, 5 hour psychedelic cannabis experience each day for 1-3 participants (individuals, couples and friends).

  • $2,400 - Two day private retreat, 6 hour psychedelic cannabis experience each day - for 3-5 participants.

  • +$150-$300 Retreat Add-on  (1-2 hours for Preparation and Integration Sessions) Sometimes required, and sometimes optional but recommended. Would include half hour to hour phone conversation before and after psychedelic journey experiences with additional email support.

Please fill out the form below and a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule your first session. Please provide additional information about your interest and needs in the box below.

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