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Level 1 - Psychedelic Sitters School


We are excited to announce that our highly-acclaimed Psychedelic Sitters School – Level 1 educational training retreat will be back, May 8–12 & September 25-29, 2019!  

New Location!

Nestled in the rolling hills of Colorado’s Black Forest, located approximately one hour south of Denver (and just 75 minutes from Denver International Airport), a beautiful camp, boasting nearly 400 acres of wooded grounds with miles of trails to be explored, will serve as our home for this retreat!  Onsite sleeping accommodations, ranging from private and semi-private rooms to shared cabins, will allow for a newly-evolved, more inclusive itinerary, filled with expanded educational and experiential exercises, Community Breathwork, Conscious Cannabis Circles, sitting opportunities for individual sessions, yoga, sound-healing ceremonies, interactive coursework, training demos, and more!!  

Venue address & directions will be shared with approved applicants after registrations have been completed.


2019 Dates:

  • May 8-12, 2019  

  • September 25-29, 2019

(Arrival Wed 12-5pm, Departure after 5pm Sunday through 10am Monday)

Keep scrolling to learn more about our Program Overview.


Program Overview



Learn Psychedelic Informed Mindfulness Practices & Skill Sets to Safely Hold Space for Transformational Experiences

Whether you’re a doctor or therapist interested in pursuing legally available psychedelic tools with which to help treat your clients, a practitioner of sacred medicines seeking out new and safe ways in which to set and hold space for those in your community, an enrolled student with a healing eye toward the future, a veteran looking to share effective techniques with others who have served, or are simply intrigued by the opportunity to soak up a huge amount of transformational knowledge and experiential trainings within a 5-day period, Psychedelic Sitters School has got you covered.  

Developed by Medicinal Mindfulness co-founders Daniel McQueen (MA, Executive Director & Psychedelic Therapist) and Alison McQueen (MA, LPC, ATR), this educational, psychedelic harm-reduction training program focuses on safe and legal practices, first and foremost.  Our experienced facilitators and trained staff will be by your side to support you every step of the way.

Psychedelic Sitters School includes a 5-part webinar instruction before attending so students are ready to participate in a 5-day experiential training retreat.  The retreat includes at least one intentional psychedelic experience each day, including Conscious Cannabis Circle, Cannabis Healing Meditations, Community Breathwork, Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork, and participant guided individual sessions.  You’ll learn how to make your own psychedelic cannabis blends, setup and safely hold space as a psychedelic sitter.

This training is moving to a retreat format in 2019 so we’ll have a lot of time to add additional experiences, including yoga and sound-healing sessions.  PSS is a prerequisite to assist at our local community events and a prerequisite for Psychedelic Guide Training.

Maturity, psychological stability, your own ongoing journeywork practice and relevant training are essential in being a competent sitter and guide.  The Level 1 training series is designed to provide students with foundational skill sets to increase the depth and meaning of transformational experiences while keeping them as safe as possible.  Additional readings and other educational resources will be provided.

+ Subjects Include

The core curriculum taught during the pre-retreat 5-part webinar, and the 5-day intensive will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Mindful Journeywork Practices
  • Intention Setting & Integration Prompts
  • Resourcing (Internal, External, and Transpersonal)
  • Intuition & Guidelines for Testing its Authenticity
  • Foundations in Sitting
  • Five Awareness Practice
  • Setting Sacred Space
  • Contact Exercises
  • Body Scans, Healing Meditations, and Intention-Based Ceremonies & Circles
  • Tracking
  • Self-Care Practices
  • Verbal & Crisis Intervention
  • Shadow work
  • Breathwork
  • Integration
  • Sustainability

+ 5-Day Training Program Schedules

  • Wednesday Arrival in Denver, Dispensary Trip, Arrival to Retreat Center by 5pm
  • 5-11pm Wednesday - Dinner, Introductions and Conscious Cannabis Circle
  • 10am-6pm Thursday - Yoga, Foundations in Sitting, 2-6pm First Sitting Experiential and Cannabis Healing Meditation
  • Thursday Evening - Sound-Healing Experiential
  • 10am-6pm Friday - 10am-1pm Class: Advanced Journeywork Practices, 2-6pm Second Sitting Experiential and Cannabis Healing Meditation
  • Friday Evening Experiential
  • 10am-4pm Saturday - Crisis Interventions, Shadow Work, Experiential Practice
  • 4:30-6:30 Community Dinner
  • 6:30-11pm Making a Psychedelic Cannabis Blend & Conscious Cannabis Circle
  • Sunday 10am-5pm - 10am-1pm Cannabis-Assisted Breathwork, 2-5pm Class: Integration & Sustainability
  • Sunday Evening and Monday Morning - Return Home

The program is designed intentionally with breaks to facilitate health and integration. Consuming cannabis as part of this training is recommended but completely optional.

+ Additional Training Information & Training Costs

Please review the following additional information about the Level 1-Psychedelic Sitters School Training Retreat. We have a new location and are switching from a workshop model to an intensive training retreat model beginning this year, which will include multiple new program experiences.

Cost of Program
Interview & Assessment Phone Call: $90
Psychedelic Sitters School–Level 1 Tuition: $1,000/$900 scholarship (students & veterans)
Healthy Meals & Snacks: $200
Basic Lodging - Community Cabin $200 (other options available)

Total: $1,490/$1,390 Scholarship


Ride to & from Airport & Dispensary +TBD - One pick up Wed at 1pm DIA
Private/Semi-Private bedroom +$100-$300
Camping -$100
Linens-Sheets/Blanket/Towel +$25

Healthy Meals & Snacks Provided

We are having a professional chef provide all of our meals for the entire program. An early dinner will be provided Wednesday evening, with breakfast, lunch and dinner provided Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, and a light breakfast for anyone leaving on Monday morning. Snacks, juices, coffee and tea will also be provided for the ceremonial sessions. Gluten free, vegetarian, kosher and other healthy options will be available.

The nearest grocery store is about 20 miles from the retreat center, so come prepared.

+ Accommodations

Our host is a summer camp with a brand new great hall and other facilities. For lodging, the facilities include a small number of private and semi-private cabins (all with a bathroom, most with a shower), and community sleeping lodge rooms that will have no more than 8 occupants each. These have nearby men’s and women’s bathrooms with private, individual shower stalls. If you prefer to camp during the retreat, you may set up a tent onsite near one of the bathhouses (please note that you must bring your own tent; camp fires are not allowed).

That venue’s sleeping accommodations will be available beginning on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 and extend for 5 nights. Therefore, if you plan to travel home on Monday, May 13th, you have the option of staying onsite Sunday evening (5pm May 12th is the final day and ending time of the retreat) and departing the following morning (we recommend 5 nights with a Monday morning departure, by 10am, but 4 nights with a Sunday evening departure time is an option when reserving your sleeping accommodations).

Lodging & Private/Semi-Private Rooms Availability

alt text

+ Location & Traveling

The retreat is located approximately one hour south of Denver (and just 75 minutes from Denver International Airport). Venue address & directions will be shared with approved applicants after registrations have been completed. We are currently reviewing van rental options for an airport pick up and will provide additional information as soon as possible. Some retreat participants may wish to coordinate sharing the cost of a car rental as well.

+ Organic Cannabis Dispensary Tour

We have partnered with a local organic cannabis dispensary to offer tours for our retreat participants on Tuesday and Wednesday before the retreat. You’ll learn about different products, organic growing and manufacturing techniques, and receive 10% off any purchase.

+ Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis is not provided to retreat participants and is completely optional. We recommend that each retreat participant who wishes to consume cannabis in the experiential and ceremonial events at the retreat purchase 1/8th ounce of a particular strain to contribute to the psychedelic cannabis blend that we’ll teach you how to make. The recommended strains will be prepackaged at the dispensary for purchase and taken to the first Conscious Cannabis Circle at the retreat on Wednesday evening.

+ Registration Information

Interested in applying to the May or September 2019 Psychedelic Sitters School – Level 1 training retreats? Please review and follow the 4 easy steps below:

*Important Disclaimer Please note that acceptance into the Psychedelic Sitters School – Level 1 training program is not guaranteed. All candidates will be assessed on an individual basis. Only after the registration steps below have been properly completed, will a final determination be made regarding your potential acceptance into the program. As such, do not confirm any logistical/travel arrangements (e.g., requesting time away from work, purchasing airfare, etc.) until you have been contacted by us, in writing, of your formal acceptance into the program. Medicinal Mindfulness LLC, Medicinal Mindfulness Events LLC, and/or any of their officers and/or owners will not be held liable for any such incurred costs.*

Step 1: Email a brief letter of interest to to apply to the program. In your email (250-word max):

  • Briefly introduce yourself
  • Describe your experience, training, and interest in this program
  • Explain what you hope to learn/gain from this training experience.

    This is a professional training program, invitations to apply will be based on your emailed letter of interest. If selected to apply, we will respond as quickly as possible to invite you to interview for the program and to confirm a date and time for your call.

STEP 2: Once selected for an interview, Submit your $90 payment for the 30-minute Interview and Assessment phone call and application review.

Read and complete the following forms before your interview. The safety assessment will be reviewed in your interview and does not need to be submitted. The other forms are signed electronically to submit.

  1. Psychedelic-Cannabis Safety Self-Assessment
  2. Conscious Cannabis Event Participation Agreement
  3. Community Breathwork Participation Agreement
  4. Training Registration Agreement
  5. Medicinal Mindfulness Safe Community Policy

    Please note that this payment is non-refundable, should your application be declined.

STEP 3: Interview & Assessment Phone Call (30 minutes)

STEP 4: Sit back, relax, and we’ll get back to you! We may request some additional information, or we may have everything that we need to formally respond to you in short order. Approved applicants will be notified and invoiced; once full payment has been received, the registration process is complete! You will gain access to the webinar as well as the Medicinal Mindfulness Online Community Forum to meet other retreat participants.