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Level 2 - Psychedelic Guide Training


Psychedelic Guide Training is a full 4-day professional training program designed to teach students everything they need to know to begin facilitating individual psychedelic cannabis session in a professional setting.  The training builds on skill sets developed from Psychedelic Sitters School and teaches participants how to deepen a clients process safely. This training is a prerequisite to our assistant facilitators and apprenticeship program.  

Learn how to facilitate profound psychedelic journey experiences for a friend or client using cannabis sativa and mindfulness based, somatically informed journeywork techniques.  The program is experientially based. Participants will each be guided on an intentional cannabis session, and will take turns practicing sitting, guiding and "holding space" for each other.  The group will participate in a Conscious Cannabis Circle Saturday night as part of their initiation into guidework.

The lead facilitator will guide 1-2 participants to demonstrate important guide techniques.


2019 Dates:

  • June 6-9, 2019

  • November 7-10, 2019

Tuition: $1,200/$1,100 Scholarship (Students & Veterans)

Room & Board:  This is a semi-residential retreat, meaning the location has two AirBnB rooms, camper and campsites available.  Near Boulder, Colorado, with local hotels and other amenities nearby. Nutritious snacks but no meals are included.  

Topics covered include:

  • Preparing the Self & Self-Care

  • Pre/Post & Experiential Sessions

  • Preparing/Holding Space

  • Music (5 sessions - 5 Sets) Outline of Music

  • Smoking Ceremony

  • Interventions, verbal and energetic - being a secondary nervous system of support

  • Handling difficult experiences -  - (Nausea - Anxiety/Panic - Extreme unwinding - Paranoia - Shadow - Entities)

  • Somatic trauma healing

  • Shadow work

  • 5 Awareness Practice - Choice Points & Tracking

  • Creating Sacred Space

  • Facilitating Guided Meditations

  • Guide Code of Ethics

  • Creating evocative music sets

  • Safety/Assessments/Contraindications

  • Agreements - Legal paperwork & boundary agreements

  • Working within your Skill Level

  • Facilitating Movement & Stretching

  • Intention Setting & Integration Support

  • Alchemical Stages of the Work

  • Cannabis Blend

Prerequisite: Psychedelic Sitters School

4 day training program schedule:

  • Thurs 10am-6pm - (Mindful Guidework Techniques & Experientials)

  • Friday 10am-6pm - (Mindful Guidework Techniques & Experientials)

  • Saturday 12:30-11pm (Afternoon - Advanced Mindful Guidework Techniques, Shared Dinner, Evening - Conscious Cannabis Circle)

  • Sunday 10am-5pm - (Guidework experiential in the morning and Integration, Sustainability & Closing Conversation in the afternoon)


Completion of Level 1 Psychedelic Sitters School is required before registering for the Level 2 Psychedelic Guide Training Program.  Email us at to register for Level 2.