Psychedelic Summer Expedition 2018

3rd Annual

Psychedelic Summer Expedition 2018


May through August 2018 (Four Month Expedition)

Join the community of Medicinal Mindfulness on this four month exploration in consciousness.  The program begins May 1st and completes at the end of August 2018, and is designed to facilitate accelerated transformation and personal growth within a safe community environment.  

All Expedition members receive:

  • Can Participate in ALL 10 Community Experiences during duration of Summer Expedition.  Includes Community Breathwork, Conscious Cannabis Circles and Cannabis Healing Meditations. 
  • Special Invitation to a Private Conscious Cannabis Circle at the end of the Expedition.  
  • NEW PROGRAM: Invitation to the Cannabis Corp - Opportunity to participate in our Community Breathwork events after imbibing cannabis in an outdoor community ceremony.  Cannabis Assisted Breathwork is potentially one of the most intense psychedelic experiences we can facilitate as a legal psychedelic community.  
  • Monthly, 2 hour group conference call - Once a month video conference education and process group for all participants.  
  • Access to email communication support with lead facilitator, Daniel McQueen.

Sitters/Professional Facilitators receive:

  • Opportunity to sit for any event (Community events, training events or private events)
  • $50 Credit for future group (not individual) events or services for any event attended as a sitter.  The more you help, the cheaper future programs and services are.  

Journeyer Participant
$499/$399 (Student/Veteran Scholarship) 
For those interested in deepening their transformational psychedelic practice.

Sitter/Guide Participant
$499/$399 (Student/Veteran Scholarship)
Graduates of the Sitters School Program who wish to deepen their practice by supporting others in their transformational process.  Credit for future services by sitting at our events.  

Professional Supervision and Professional Supervision Intensives are also available

Application Process

The application process is simple. If you’ve already participated in Psychedelic Sitters School or have been an active member and we know you, you automatically qualify.  If you are a journeyer of the program and we don’t know you that well, we ask that you set up a 30 minute safety phone interview with Daniel McQueen for $75.  Please review and sign all participation agreements, Safe Community Policy and review the Cannabis Safety Self-Assessment before applying.