Breathwork, Cannabis & Training Retreats

Medicinal Mindfulness retreats offer unique opportunities to deepen your mindful journeywork practice or to train as a transformational cannabis facilitator.

Retreats can be designed to fit the needs of your community and can include Community Breathwork and Conscious Cannabis Events interspersed with teachings on journeywork practices, sitting, guiding and event facilitation with lots of good food, free time, integration experiences and social opportunities. 

They're also a great way to go through Psychedelic Sitters School and Introduction to Psychedelic Guiding with Cannabis Sativa for out-of-town visitors.  

Visitors and retreat centers are encouraged to contact us to discuss possible retreat packages we can co-create.  Our retreat offerings can be a stand alone event, or incorporated into other holistic retreat programs that include yoga, art, spiritual practices, nutrition, and holistic health, as some examples.  

We currently have available a luxury home in Nederland, CO that can house up to 10 guests or 8 couples plus retreat facilitators. 

Please contact us at for more information.


Additional Events in 2018

The following events are listed on the Training Calendar and are currently being developed.  Contact us at for more information.  

DMTx Psychonaut Training Webinar 4 Part Series - 1/24-2/21
This 4 part webinar series is a fundraiser for our DMTx Psychonaut training program.  More information and tickets can be found at: 

Private Cannabis Wellness Retreat - 4/19-4/22
Medicinal Mindfulness is stepping into transformational retreats.  We have rented a beautiful home in Nederland, CO that can sleep 4 couples plus facilitators.  This is a weekend of healing, rejuvenation, yoga, massage, breathwork and Conscious Cannabis healing experiences.  Outings will include nature based hikes, trips to an organic cannabis dispensary, and Pearl Street Mall.  

Conscious Cannabis Expo - 4/25-4/29
Five full days of experientials and lectures all things Conscious Cannabis.  Held at the beautiful Vali Soul Sanctuary Yoga Studio, and as a private event, this cannabis friendly event will feature local cannabis facilitators, including yoga, dance, movement, creative arts, and lectures on cannabis and health, wellness and skillful use of cannabis.  The evenings will be social events with live music and food, as well as several Conscious Cannabis Circles and Cannabis Healing Meditations.  

Holos Wellness Retreats - 6/13-6/17 & 7/25-7/29
Medicinal Mindfulness has partnered with Holos Health Functional Medicine to help facilitate two retreats on how to incorporate cannabis use into physical, mental and spiritual health programs for greater wellbeing.  Cannabis friendly yoga, lectures on cannabis, nutrition, and functional medicine, organic meals and Conscious Cannabis Experiences will be part of this program.  Participants will meet at the hotel for lectures, yoga and meals, and at Vali Soul Sanctuary for cannabis related events.  

DMTx Psychonaut Training - 9/26-9/30
This is the official start of training for potential DMTx volunteer psychonauts.  This 4.5 day program will be held at Vali Soul and will incorporate many Medicinal Mindfulness practices and training techniques to prepare, train and assess potential volunteer psychonauts for the Extended-State DMT program of Medicinal Mindfulness.  After the training weekend, there will be a 6 month training period with monthly reviews and group checkins.  While we can’t guarantee that all participants will become DMTx psychonauts (only 6 spots available for the first expedition), we can guarantee a transformative and psychedelic skill developing experience.  

Bring Medicinal Mindfulness to Your State
Can you legally use cannabis in your state under recreational cannabis laws?  If so, Medicinal Mindfulness can help set up retreats in your area.  This is a great opportunity to learn event facilitation skills in a safe and supportive environment.  Contact us for more information.  Several weekend openings are available in 2018.


Conscious Cannabis Holistic Wellness Retreat

This is our intentional, relaxing, evocative, transformational, healing, creative, recreational retreat for the mindful journeyer.  Lots of down time, creative time, integration time, play time, healing session time, good food, tours to interesting locations, and a combination of Community Breathwork, Cannabis Healing Meditations and a stellar and climatic Conscious Cannabis Circle. 


Host a Weekend Retreat in Your Home Town

If you live in an area where Cannabis is recreationally or medically legal,  you can host an event in your home or in a retreat center near where you live.  We can structure a weekend retreat to fit your community's interests and needs.  It can be a Conscious Cannabis Holistic Wellness Retreat or Psychedelic Sitters School Training Intensives.  Hosts receive significant discounts on attendance for setting up local community and handling retreat logistics.