Spiritual & Ceremonial Support

Transpersonal means both 'through and beyond' the normal human range of existence, and points to a dimension of reality that is ineffable yet deeply meaningful to a large percentage of our global population.  Since the beginning of humanity, religion and spirituality have continually flowered into a nearly infinite garden of sacred images, and in modern times we expect deep awareness of interconnection to only become more relevant as quantum physics begins to explore these questions as well. 

As a transpersonally oriented program, we believe ceremonies that honor important anniversaries and life transitions are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, from before conception to after death. But sometimes spiritually oriented practices can even get in the way of important life outcomes.  For that reason, we believe having an ally to help one assess one's practice is vitally important.  An ally can provide support and guidance both to help make something working well even better, and also to help adjust or transform aspects of a practice that may actually inhibit our personal growth and spiritual evolution. 

I provide individual and community consulting for those who wish to bring a deeper sense of the spiritual into their lives and personal development practices. 


Services include

  • Assisting in the development of a personal worldview and helping one foster a deeper relationship with the numinous. 
  • Ceremony consultation on how to create 'sacred space' through ritual, prayer and meditation.
  • Preparation support for those intending to create the conditions of a primary spiritual experience, such as through meditation retreats or breathwork practices.
  • Integration support for those returning from their 'hero's journey'... to assist one in bringing the profound awareness sometimes garnered from this exploration into one's life in a way that is deeply meaningful and sustainable.
  • Group breathwork and setting sacred space workshops to facilitate an experience of something beyond ourselves (the transpersonal dimension of being human). 
  • Non-judgmental, honest, objective and experienced assessment of the impact spiritual practices may have on one's life... from Aya communities and the Native America Church, to the celebrations of Burning Man and Holotropic breathwork practitioners.  How do you discern the quality of your life in relationship to your practice? 
  • Evaluating spiritual practices and offering guidance around simple adjustments that may bring more balance and meaning to the practice. 

We believe the new paradigms we are stepping into as a culture are surrounded by abundance and meaning.  We no longer have to choose between a successful spiritual life or a successful material one.  We can actually make significant steps towards achieving both.